Demonstrations and Exhibits

A number of demonstrations and exhibits were shown at different points during the week.
Below is a list of exhibits and demonstrations:

  • CAPANINA trials:
    • Trial videos
    • Trial 2 – payload rig mock-up
    • Trial 2 – mm-wave WLAN and server payload (inc broadband demo)
    • Optical payload pod
  • Antennas:
    • Mechatronic and mm-wave patch antennas
    • Lens antennas
  • Propagation
    • 3–state propagation channel simulator software
    • Short-term propagation channel simulator
  • DSP implementation of ACM procedures for IEEE 802.16
  • Optical Transport Network dimensioning tool
  • HAP business modelling software suite
  • Poster presentations of CAPANINA project and ongoing exploitation activities