CAPANINA Final Exhibition

Venue: Kings Manor, York, UK

Monday 23rd October 2006

9:45 index – Graham Long (UOY/YEC)

9:50 Introduction to CAPANINA – David Grace (UOY)

10:05 Modelling the mm-wave HAP propagation environment
(a) Short term HAP propagation channel simulator – Emanuela Falletti (POLITO)
(b) 3 state mm-wave ray based channel simulator for trains – Tomaz Javornik (JSI)

10:55 Introduction to Monday’s Exhibits and Demos – David Grace (UOY)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:25 HAPs Broadband Air Interface Design
(a) Wireless standards to deliver symmetric 120Mbps services from HAPs – Mihael Mohorcic (JSI)
(b) Enhancing air interface performance – Marina Mondin (POLITO)

12:00 Radio resource management & handoff for cellular architectures – David Grace (UOY)

12:20 Broadband Networking for HAPs
(a) Network architecture and protocols – Tien Van Do (BUTE)
(b) Mobility architecture and routing – Roman Novak (JSI)

13:00 Lunch

14:15 Free Space Optical Communications for HAPs
(a) Optical terminal architecture for gigabit optical links – Joachim Horwath (DLR)
(b) Attitude stabilisation performance testbed for inter-HAP links – Thomas Dreischer (CSAG)

14:55 Antenna and RF Development for HAPs & High Speed Vehicles I
(a) Mm-wave mechanically steerable antennas – John Thornton (UOY)
(b) Mm-wave mechatronic antennas for vehicles – Qin Xu/John Farserotu (CSEM)

15:55 Coffee Break

16:20 Antenna and RF Development for HAPs & High Speed Vehicles II
(a1) Signal processing aspects of HAP antenna – Yuriy Zakharov (UOY)
(a2) Implementation issues of adaptive beamforming for HAP-to-Trains communications – Emanuela Falletti (POLITO)
(b) Power amplifier linearization for HAP applications – Eduard Bertran (UPC)

17.20 Finish

Evening York Boat Ghost Cruise - more details


Tuesday 24th October 2006

09:30 HAPs spectrum sharing
(a) Radio regulatory strategy for HAPs – David Grace (UOY)
(b) Technical contributions to spectrum sharing regulators – Ryu Miura (NICT)

10:00 System architecture design with multiple HAPs
(a) Constellation design and planning for multiple HAPs – Guanhua Chen (UOY)
(b) Dynamic spectrum sharing for multiple HAP systems – Yiming Liu (UOY)
(c) Diversity enhancements from multiple HAPs – Tomaz Javornik (JSI)

10:55 Introduction to Tuesday’s Exhibits and Demos – David Grace (UOY)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Applications and Business models for HAPs
(a) Introduction to applications and modelling approach – David Grace (UOY)
(b) Business models for broadband applications – the HAP centric and service provider centric models – Pairoj Likitthanasate (UOY)
(c) Market case study for Western Hungary – Tien Van Do (BUTE)
(d) Event servicing and disaster relief business models – David Grace (UOY)

12:30 Broadband HAP Roadmap – David Grace (UOY)

13:00 Lunch

14:15 The CAPANINA Trials I
(a) Introduction to the CAPANINA Trial Programme – Marco Bobbio Pallavicini (CGS)
(b) Tethered Aerostat in Pershore, UK – Mike Fitch (BT)
(c) Mobile Vehicle Trial in Suffolk, UK – Mike Fitch (BT)
(d) The Odyssey (Global Observer Prototype) in Arizona, USA  – Hiroyuki Tsuji (NICT)

15:05 Coffee Break

15:30 The Stratospheric Balloon CAPANINA Trial in Kiruna, Sweden
(a) Aeronautics & System Integration – Marco Bobbio Pallavicini (CGS)
(b) Wireless Tests – Andy White (UOY)
(c) Free Space Optics Tests – Joachim Horwath (DLR)

16:40 Wrap Up Discussion – Exploitation Opportunities – Graham Long (UOY/YEC)

17:10 Finish

Evening Ride on the Norwich Union Yorkshire Wheel - more details

CAPANINA Dinner in Kirkgate at the Castle Museum - more details