CAPANINA Final Exhibition (Monday Tuesday)

CAPANINA ( is a European Commission funded R&D project that has been investigating the use of HAPs to deliver broadband to fixed and high speed users.

Information highlights:
  • Steerable mm-wave antenna technology (including smart antennas, mechatronic solutions, and RF design)
  • Broadband trials from aerial platforms
  • Broadband applications from HAPs
  • HAP radio regulatory environment
  • Business models for broadband communications services from HAPs
  • Hardware demonstration
  • HAP broadband roadmaps

Click here for the CAPANINA Final Exhibition programme.

HAP Applications Symposium (Wednesday)

This one-day symposium showed the potential of HAPs to deliver a range of applications, presented by keynote speakers from their respective fields.

Example applications:
  • Disaster management/Event servicing
  • Homeland Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Broadband and 3G communications for developing countries
  • Communications backbone for rural areas
  • Military applications
The day was concluded by a presentation and round table discussion on:
  • HAP developments, solutions and requirements the next steps for the aeronautics industry

Click here for the HAP Applications Symposium programme.

COST 297 HAPCOS Workshop (Thursday Friday)

COST 297 HAPCOS ( is a COST Action. It is a collaborative forum to undertake R&D for HAP communications and other services. Currently it has participants from 16 countries.

These days included technical papers and presentations from its members who participate in three working groups:
  • Radio communications
  • Optical communications
  • Aerial platforms

Click here for the HAPCOS Workshop programme.